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Supreme Court Approves New Notarization Forms

June 8, 2020

The Ohio Supreme Court issued an order today addressing the notarization requirements for certain Supreme Court forms during the current coronavirus pandemic.

There are several Court-adopted domestic relations, juvenile, general, and probate forms that require notarization. Due to the social distancing requirements, the Court has approved a temporary version of these forms that eliminate the need for notarization during this public health emergency.

The order states that parties and local courts may use these forms until another order of the Court is issued.

The mission of the Knox County Probate and Juvenile Court is to provide efficient, quality judicial services to the people of Knox County. Through the process of seeking the truth, the Court's goal is to firmly and fairly adjudicate and dispose of all matters brought before it. After disposition, every effort is made to enforce the Court's orders to ensure public safety. In addition, the court strives to use all available resources to achieve the rehabilitation of our youth in order to make them more productive citizens of our community. Ultimately, the primary goal and mission of the Probate and Juvenile Court of Knox County is the attainment of Justice.